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    Default Petals Look Funky!

    I have started quilling a few months ago. I love it! It is quite relaxing. However, when I do petals to begin to make a flower they don't look as pretty and perfect as all the pictures in the quilling books I have. I know that I won't be that perfect, but I just feel that I'm lacking something in making and shaping them. Any advice would be helpful. Does it just take time? Help.

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    Here's what I do...
    Just let them unroll naturally, depending on your length of paper, the size of the coil will be the maximum the coils unroll. Then pick up the coil, pull the end abit and glue.

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    Hi, Laura. I think alot of what makes quilling great is seeing how quickly you begin to improve. But, yes, most is just (groan !!) practice, practice, practice !!
    Are you using a slotted or needle tool ? Just a thought if you are using a slotted tool - I found that it was a little harder to get the shapes that I wanted - by the time I had it off the tool, it was a mess. Might just be me, cause I know most of the people here use the slot tool.
    Give the needle tool a try - don't go buy one yet - if you have a corsage pin or hatpin try that first. (Even a thick embroidery needle or toothpick will work, but might be tricky to handle)
    Sounds gross, but if you dampen the end of the paper on the tip of your tongue (yes !! lick it !!) and then hold the paper on the needle with your pointer finger, kinda roll the paper towards you and grab the paper with your thumb - it's all in the thumb and pointer. Don't spin the tool, use your fingers to roll it.
    I find it gives a smoother coil, and then instead of pulling the coil off immediately, just let go!! It should spring nicely.
    Try it - don't know if that helps (but it sure was long winded !!)

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