Calorie-Free Quilled Cupcakes

NEW! Cupcake Treasure Boxes!

Cupcakes are so popular now.  I love watching the TV show, Cupcake Wars, with those crazy cupcake challenges.  Well, for a guilt-free cupcake version, try this NEW quilling kit.

The “Cupcake Treasure Boxes” quilling kit includes quilling paper and instructions to make 6 different cupcakes that are good enough to eat. Be sure to get a MiniMold tool to help with the cupcake tops…yes, another cool quilling tool…keep reading this post!

MiniMold Tool

In addition to the jewelry kits, I also introduced at CHA a new tool called the MiniMold! I can’t make miniatures without it!  It shapes my flat tight circles into neat and evenly shaped domes…so all you perfectionists out there are going to fall in love with it!  No more looking all over the house for a marble, golf ball or digging through my kid’s toy box for a rubber ball!

It includes 12 different dome shapes and it fits in our double-sided storage box.

Here’s a handy chart that lists what dome to use with the paper strips.  Note: The quilling paper lengths or “full-length” are about 16-inches which are Quilled Creations paper lengths and thickness. I recommend using 1/4-inch (6 mm) wide quilling paper for making 3-D shapes.

Dome  =  Paper Length/Number of strips
A = 8-inches (20 cm)
B = 16-inches (40 cm) or full-length QC paper strip
C = 2 full-lengths
D = 3 full-lengths
E = 4 full-lengths
F = 6 full-lengths
G = 8 full-lengths
H = 10 full-lengths
I = 14 full-lengths
J = 16 full-lengths
K = 20 full-lengths
L = 24 full – lengths

I’ll be posting a YouTube clip on how to use the MiniMold later this week! Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to “Calorie-Free Quilled Cupcakes”

  1. ann says:

    love this kit and that is an awesome tool. I’ve yet to try any 3D quilling but this just may push me into giving it a try.

  2. Ash says:

    Hi Alli,

    Really looking forward to my kit and mini mold tool arriving. If only I had these when I first started making miniatures! Would have saved countless hours of frustration and many an unraveled coil!! (Perhaps my ridiculously large stash of wooden eggs can actually be used for Easter this year!?!)

    Will look forward to seeing your YouTube clip.


  3. Hailey says:


    I am looking forword to my mini-mold and cupcake set arriving. when I saw this kit I just fell in love with it. The mini mold really saves time and makes it easier for kids (I am 10) thanks allot Alli

    Happy Quilling!

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