Winter is here!

I know I need to blog more often, but I have a good reason why I’ve been away.

This is the reason…a little puppy that keeps me quite busy at home!

Because she has an obsession with paper, I’ve had to reorganize my entire quilling studio/office. No paper on the floor, which is a good thing and I have to admit that my office is looking very clean! By the way, puppy training is going well!

Here’s a project to celebrate the heavy snow falling outside my window!  It’s our first big snow fall here in NY!

This project was for CardMaker Magazine Online (November 2010 – Web Bonus project).

I’ve included just the quilling instructions. Enjoy!


- 1/8″ wide quilling paper: light blue, lilac, grape, light brown, bright white


1.) To make the quilled hat, use 12-inch grape and roll into a triangle (SIZE 2). Roll three 4-inch light blue strips into loose circles (SIZE 6) and glue a 1-inch grape around each loose circle. Pinch into squares. For the tassels, fold a 1-inch lilac strip in half; cut a slit in strip lengthwise down middle and form each cut end into a scroll. Assemble and glue on to the card front.

2.) To make the mitten, roll a 6-inch grape strip into a rectangle. Roll an 8-inch light blue strip into a half circle (SIZE 3). Roll a 2-inch strip into a teardrop. Assemble and glue on to the card front.

3.) To make the hot cocoa mug, roll a 16-inch lilac strip into a rectangle (SIZE 1). Curve the top edge inward. For the top of the mug, roll a 4-inch light brown strip into a marquise (SIZE 6).  Glue and wrap a 2-inch lilac strip around the marquise. For the mug handle, roll a 2-inch lilacstrip into an “S” scroll. For steam, roll two 2-inch bright white strips into “S” scrolls. Assemble and glue the mug pieces to the card front.  For the marshmallows, cut two small pieces from the bright white strip and glue on top of mug.


Pictures of the paper pieces – very basic!

Stay warm!  Have a safe winter & holiday season!


7 Responses to “Winter is here!”

  1. Linda Wagner says:

    love the card!!!!! sooooooo cool!

  2. ann says:

    Aw what a cute puppy. He may be keeping you busy but that’s a fun busy :)
    Love the card too, I’m going to give that one a try. It’s adorable. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  3. Ann Martin says:

    Cute pup and card, Alli!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing your winter card and the picture of your puppy. Both are so cute.

  5. Agnes says:

    Just found “quilling” and it looked so interesting that I ordered the starter kit from Quilled Creations….cant wait for it to get here…I have alot to learn….

  6. Madison says:

    AWWWW thats such a cute puppy. I started quilling about a year after I got my Labradoodle puppy. You will have so much fun with that pup and you can quill him.

  7. Jeanne K Brown says:

    I just started I love your site need to know more what we can do with our little domes?

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