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Drivers wanted!

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

My summer has been go-go-go!!!  I haven’t found much time to just sit in front of my computer or craft desk…which I miss!  Sorry for the long break between blog posts.  I really miss working on fun & creative projects for all of you!

Here is where I’ve been almost all summer…

…in a (hot) car driving kids to camps, Vacation Bible School, swim lessons, soccer, karate, library, friend’s houses or traveling somewhere far away to visit family.  But, it has been a good summer!  When the kids are busy, then the summer flies by!

So here’s a fun little project to keep your kids busy!


- Bright white quilling paper, 1/8-inch wide

- Black quilling paper, 1/8-inch wide

- Leaf Green, Blue, Yellow and/or Red quilling paper, 1/4-inch wide

- Needle or slotted tool

- craft glue


1.) For a car, use the wider paper or 1/4-inch wide quilling paper.  Roll a 12-inch strip of paper into a rectangle and roll a 6-inch strip of paper into a square.  Glue them together.

2.) For the wheels, use the narrow paper or 1/8-inch wide quilling paper.  Measure and tear a 6-inch BLACK strip of paper and a 3-inch BRIGHT WHITE strip of paper.  Glue the two strips together by placing a small dab of glue at a paper’s end and overlapping the second strip.

Use a straight edge to make sure both strips are straight!

Starting from the BRIGHT WHITE end, roll the 9-inch strip into a tight circle.  Repeat for the other wheels.

3.) Glue the wheels to the side of the car.

Hope you’re having a great summer vacation!  Safe travels!

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