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Quilling Tools

As the world's leading quilling tool manufacturer, we have the most creative, innovative and highest quality tools on the market. Our quilling tools are designed with beginners and advanced quilling artists in mind. We have taken great care to make this wonderful craft easier than ever!

Our quilling tools are designed to be used with each of our kits to make it easy to duplicate all the designs. Use the Slotted Quilling Tool or Needle Quilling Tool to roll your coils and then place your coil in the Circle Sizer Ruler or Circle Template Board so it will expand to just the right size, as specified in our kits. This method ensures your coils will be the same size every time. Using Quilled Creations quilling tools, quilling has become easier than ever and you will enjoy quilling like never before!
Quilling Tools

Specialty Quilling Tools

Our innovation is what separates us from any other quilling company out there. We have created a line of quilling tools that have made complicated techniques easier than ever! Items such as our Curling Coach and Mini Mold have made rolling and forming miniatures easy for everyone to do.

We also have our Deluxe Crimping Tool for crimping paper strip and a Quilling Comb for creating unique flower petals, wings and other creative designs. Our Border Buddy tool is perfect for creating those crisp borders to outline your quilling. We have many more specialty tools to make quilling fun and easy! Be sure to check out our videos on how to use these fantastic tools to take your quilling to a whole new level!
Quilling Supplies

Die Cuts for Quilling

The Flutter Cutter die cut machine and our new line of quilling dies have taken quilling to a whole new level! While there are many other die making companies out there, our line of dies are perfectly sized to complement your quilling! We have a wide assortment of flowers and leaves, from fringed mums and carnations, to pom-poms and wildflowers. Be sure to check out our videos on how to use all our different quilling dies.

Quilling Dies

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