Quilling Papers
At Quilled Creations, we strive to provide our customers with the finest quality quilling paper. We work with paper mills all over the world to bring over 250 different sizes and colors of acid-free and lignin-free quilling papers. This includes 35 Solid Colored Quilling Papers, 20 Graduated Quilling Papers, 10 Two-Tone Quilling Papers and 13 different Mixed Packs of quilling papers. Most of these come in 1/8", " and 3/8" wide paper packs.

All of our quilling papers have been guaranteed acid-free and lignin-free by the paper mills we work with. This archival-safe quality is important when quilling is used in scrapbooking, rubber stamping and picture framing. You can be assured that your quilled designs will last generations without having any negative effects on your cherished photographs.

Mixed Pack Quilling Papers
Our mixed pack quilling papers are a great way to get started in quilling. We have 10 different packs in 4 different widths. Purchasing one of each pack will provide you with every color of quilling paper that we sell. We also have a sampler pack of paper that includes 3 strips of each color, 8 inches long.

Graduated Quilling Papers
Our Graduated Quilling Papers offer a unique look to your quilled designs. The graduated papers start as a solid color on one end of the strip and gradually fade to white at the other end. You can imagine what this might look like. For a quilled circle, the center could start of darker and then fade to a lighter shade as it goes out. With fringed flowers, the center can be a light color and the outside fringes can be a darker shade. Try using them on a dark background and the beauty of these papers will really jump out. Our Birthday Quilling Kit teaches some great techniques on how to use the graduated papers. The Dark Centered Graduated Papers are the same as the graduated, but they start of white, fade to the solid color in the center and then gradually fade back to white.

Two-Tone Quilling Papers
Our Two-Tone Quilling Papers can offer another unique look to your quilled designs. These papers are a solid color on one side and the other side of the strip is a lighter shade of that same color. As you quill with this paper, you will notice the two tones of the paper throughout each spiral. It adds a wonderful softness to your quilled artwork.

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