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Quilling Basics - Slotted Tool

Here you will learn how to use the Slotted Quilling Tool. You are going to love how simple this great paper craft is!

Step 1 - Put Paper in Slotted Tool

With the slotted tool, slide the end of the paper into the slot.   The slot lines up with the Quilled Creations™ name on the handle.   Most people find it easiest to slide the paper in from the top of the tool instead of threading it like you would a needle.

Step 2 - Twirl Paper in Slotted Tool

Pull the paper out slightly so that the end of the paper is flush with the metal tip (so no paper is sticking out).  While keeping slight, but constant pressure on the paper roll, twirl the tool in either direction.

Step 3 - Remove Roll from Slotted Tool

Continue twirling the entire length of the paper.  To remove the roll, push the roll off the tool with your index finger.  This will prevent the center from pulling out.

Step 4 - Let Roll Expand

Carefully place the roll in the Circle Template Board™ (or on a table) and let it expand.   Glue the end to the roll to make a Loose Circle.

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