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We developed a category of themed quilling kits that have a lot of creative designs all within a similar theme.  We have quilled cupcakes, quilled letters, girls themes, boys themes and a lot more!  

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A to Z Collection Quilling Kit

This fun and creative kit has one quilled design for each letter of the alphabet. Includes a 8.5" x 5.5" printed background sheet for your quilled designs. Also includes easy to follow instructions and quilling paper.
$5.95 SKU 422

Alphabet Letters Quilling Kit

With quilled alphabet letters you can personalize that special quilled gift card, scrapbook or picture frame. This quilling kit includes both upper and lowercase letters for the whole alphabet, step-by-step instructions and useful quilling techniques. The letters are 3/4" to 1" in height. A rainbow pack of 1/8" AF/LF paper is included. All of the letters are 1/8" in depth.
$4.95 SKU 409

Birthday Quilling Kit

Happy Birthday! This Birthday Quilling Kit is full of fabulous and fun designs for decorating a birthday card or scrapbook page. Learn to make a clown, cake topped with icing, party hats, and even numbers! You'll love working with the graduated and dark center papers. The results are so eye-catching and amazing. The kit includes over 150 1/8" wide paper.
$4.95 SKU 408

Bridal Bliss Quilling Kit

Make the special wedding day a little more blissful with this quilling kit! Unique and stylish quilled wedding and anniversary designs are packed in this easy-to-do kit! It's simple to quill an elegant wedding gown and handsome tux to match! Includes toast glasses, doves, wedding cake, veil, top hat, flower basket, rings, hearts, wedding bells and floral trellis...all designed for cards and scrapbook pages! There's over 110 strips of paper in 1/8" width.
$4.95 SKU 415

Cupcake Bakery Quilling Kit

This fabulous quilling kit shows how to make a whole bakery full of quilled cupcakes! They are perfect for adding quilling to any gift tag, card or scrapbook. Includes instructions and 1/8" quilling paper and easy to following instructions.
$4.95 SKU 424

Just for Little Girls Quilling Kit

Oh, how we wish that they would always stay little! The designs in this quilling kit are so sweet and precious that you’ll love making them over and over. Imagine how adorable quilling will look on a birthday card or picture frame! Add a special touch to a scrapbook page that cherishes the memories of when she was so sweet and innocent! Designs include a princess crown, wand, ring, a castle in a cloud and more. There's over 130 strips of quilling paper in 1/8" width.
$4.95 SKU 412

Just for Little Boys Quilling Kit

You'll be so impressed with this ALL BOY quilling kit! It has creative and dynamic designs from moving vehicles to scary dinosaurs. Designs include a rocket, airplane, train, fire truck, t-rex and more! The instructions are simple to follow with step-by-step pictures. You'll be amazed at how easy quilling can be. Boys will especially love the challenge of creating their own design. The kit includes over 130 strip of 1/8" quilling paper. They're perfect for highlighting a scrapbook page, gift card or special frame!
$4.95 SKU 413

Quilt Block Sampler Quilling Kit

It's Quilling, not Quilting! This kit is filled with colorful designs inspired by handmade quilts and sampler blocks. You'll love how paper can make stunning paper "quilts" for your cards and handmade gifts. Quilting and quilling are beautiful art forms that use simple geometric shapes to create eye-catching patterns. It's fun and addicting to create your own patterns! Includes three 8" length Sampler packs and instructions.
$4.95 SKU 418

Sweet Treats Quilling Kit

This quilling kit includes simple and delicious looking treats! Learn to make quilled ice cream cones, lollipops, cookies and more. Includes 1 set of instructions and quilling paper. Quilling paper is 8" long, 1/8" wide.
$2.95 SKU 291

School Spirit Quilling Kit

This quilling kit is the one you'll want to use for accenting cards, scrapbook pages and frames. The kit includes a quilled apple for your favorite teacher, scroll and cap for graduation, music notes for the musician in the family and a great selection of sporting equipment for the sports fan! This kit includes over 130 strips of 1/8" quilling paper with simple step-by-step instructions.
$4.95 SKU 414

My Bug Collection Quilling Kit

Quilling is the perfect resource for designing unique bugs and butterflies. The intricate loops and coils form beautiful patterns for a bug of any type! You'll enjoy creating crawlers like a worm, ant or snail. The dragonfly and butterfly are elegant and breathtaking. There are over 10 bug designs and 130 strips of 1/8" paper. All designs are 1/8" in depth which is great for scrapbooks and cardmaking!
$4.95 SKU 411

Baby Theme Quilling Kit

This is a wonderful quilling kit for a new baby in the family. There's so much you can do with it! You can make a special keepsake gift card that will be treasured forever...or put these on a photo mat to frame a baby picture. The finished quilled pieces are about 2" to 3" in diameter and 1/8" in height. All of the designs will be perfect for a scrapbook page, a gift card and a framed picture of your precious one. This kit includes design instructions and quilling paper to make all of the designs shown.
$4.95 SKU 401