Technique Kits

The perfect way to learn some new quilling techniques.  We have kits that cover the combing technique, husking technique and the perfect quilling kit to get started in creating 3D miniatures.

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Combing Quilling Kit

A stunning technique! See how uniform cascading loops can create breathtaking pieces with the quilling comb. The comb's numbered pins and the kit's simple illustrations make it easier and faster to learn. See how to make an Easter cross, angel, hummingbird, pinwheel, flowers and more. It's a complete kit with fun designs, paper strips and a quilling comb. *Quilling Comb included*
$12.95 $9.95 SKU 261

Husking Hoops & Loops Kit

Husking is a unique quilling technique that you have to try! Our color-coded husking templates are so simple to use that you'll be an expert husker after your first try! Learn to make incredible butterflies, flowers, heart, geometric borders and shapes. To bring out the beauty of husking hoops and loops, a rainbow pack of two-tone 1/8" quilling paper is included!
$12.95 $9.95 SKU 260

Miniature 101 Quilling Kit

Making quilled miniatures is now easier than ever with this complete quilling kit! It includes tools, step-by-step photographs and helpful techniques. You'll love using the Circle Sizer and Curling Coach (included) to quickly make even tight coils which are essential in making miniatures. Learn to make a basket, finger puppets, bear and floral treasure box. Includes slotted tool, Curling Coach, Circle Sizer, 1/4"-wide quilling paper, wiggly eyes and instruction booklet.
$24.95 SKU 270