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DVD - Quilling Video

In this DVD, Alli teaches all of the popular techniques, from the basics to advanced. This video demonstrates the use of many different quilling tools with cardmaking, jewelry making and many other paper-craft projects! Contains 2 hours of incredible content!
SKU: 550

In this class, quilling expert Alli Bartkowski explains the different types of quilling papers and the tools needed to create different effects. Then, she thoroughly demonstrates many beginner and intermediate shapes and techniques while passing on her tried-and-true quilling tips and tricks for success. 

You'll learn how to roll loose and tight coils and form them into flowers, alphabet letters, animals, 3-D shapes and much more. In this video class, you'll learn: About quilling paper strips and how to roll them perfectly every time What glues work best, plus reliable gluing techniques How to use tools made for easy quilling How to turn a basic coil into teardrops, hearts, marquise, leaves, flower petals and more How to create scrolls used for lettering How to use a crimping tool to create dimensional strips How to create 3-D roses and other shapes How to master techniques, including beehive, combing, end-to-end, molding and more.

Class includes 10 exclusive card, jewelry and paper-craft projects for showcasing your newfound quilling skills!