Bridal Bliss Quilling Kit

Make the special wedding day a little more blissful with this quilling kit! Unique and stylish quilled wedding and anniversary designs are packed in this easy-to-do kit! It's simple to quill an elegant wedding gown and handsome tux to match! Includes toast glasses, doves, wedding cake, veil, top hat, flower basket, rings, hearts, wedding bells and floral trellis...all designed for cards and scrapbook pages! There's over 110 strips of paper in 1/8" width.
SKU: 415
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Flowers! Flowers! and more Flowers! Learn to make a beautiful rainbow assortment of flowers with our adorable Sampler paper packs! It only takes a few of our Sampler packs of quilling paper to make over 30 different flowers. It's a fun kit full of possibilities! Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, pictures and three Sampler packs (8" in length paper strips).
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Quilling Tool Set

This set includes both the slotted tool and the needle tool. The rubber handle makes it easier and more comfortable to use when rolling your quilling paper.
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Quilling Tweezers

These tweezers are perfect for quilling!! You will love how the fine-tip easily fits into the center of the loose and tight circles. It's wonderful for handling small pieces!!
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Reverse Action Quilling Tweezers

Reverse action tweezers are useful for holding small parts, gluing, and many other applications that require a temporary clamp. The self-closing angled tips provide the right amount of tension to hold parts firmly and reduce hand fatigue. Squeeze to open, release to close.
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