Purple and teal wheel struggles

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Leah1 posted this 11 November 2018

I am struggling in making nice crescent petals for the purple and teal wheel project in the Mandala Book. When I bend the coil into the crescent shape I lose the original coil center because it flattens out as I bend. Does anyone have tips on making consistent crescent petal shapes?

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Gail posted this 15 November 2018

After I make the coil and glue the end down, I then make the coil into an off-center circle (see top of page 17), moving, pinning and gluing the coil center to one side of the circle.  When the glue holding the center in place has dried, carefully lift the coil and press the center to the opposite side of the circle - I then press both sides of the circle around the metal slotted end of the quilling tool.  You can also use a narrow round dowel, plastic coffee stirrer, or take apart an empty ink pen to use the plastic tube to shape the crescent petal.  Practice this method a few times to see if it works better.


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  • Leah1
Leah1 posted this 15 November 2018

I will be anxious to try this technique! Thank you!!

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Gail posted this 16 November 2018


The trick is to not pre-shape the coil into a long crescent with pinched ends, forcing the ends together.   Gently shape the coil sides lightly pressed around a thin/narrow hard object - try encircling the coil around the center of a round toothpick  - so each end forms naturally and meets.  I had to practice that shape a few times - I cut some narrow strips from regular paper to practice.