Newbie here ---quilling paper

  • Last Post 20 October 2019
Theresa7 posted this 19 October 2019

I've just started quilling. Is there a rule about how much of the qulling paper you use for a project meaning Do you always use the entire strip for all projects?

Gail posted this 20 October 2019

No, the entire strip is not always used to make each shape; projects might include different size coils.  There are 2 lengths of manufactured pre-cut paper strips:  American brand strips such as Paplin, are 22-24 inches long; Quilled Creations and European brand strips are about 17-1/2 Inches long.  Some quillers also cut their own paper strips.  The standard width of quilling strips is 1/8 Inch wide.  You can make your own samples of coil and shape sizes using different lengths of strips.  A coil made from an entire length is going be larger than a coil made from a half length, or 3, 4, 6 inch lengths.

The Quilled Creations website has links to some excellent YouTube instructional videos to help you learn this art.