Need help Alli Bartkowski's Quilled Mandala book.

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Trish posted this 20 October 2018

Hello to all,

I have been learning quilling for some time, but then had to stop for a while when life chances.

I need help on one area of Alli Bartkowski's Quilled Mandala book. The page is 99 and the item is called Red Rose.  For the life of me, I am stopped at number 4. 

I understand about the lengths and the colors, but I don't know how large to make the Cresecents.

Should anyone be able to help me, below is the words on #4, and parted line by line (mostly for my sake).

                4. Make six medium petals.

For each medium petal, roll three 8 inch lengths of crimson paper into crescents .

Also, roll five 8-inch lengths of red quilling paper into four crescents and one marquise.

Using the medium petal templage as reference, glue the pieces together. 

Then glue an 8-inch length of crimson quilling paper to the crimson piece and wrap the strips tightly around the pieces.

Reshape if necessary to create a half-circle petal shape.

Set aside.

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Gail posted this 21 October 2018

Hi Trish,

I'm working on the same project and just finished all the petals.  When I rolled my coils, they expanded to about 1/2 inch diameter and that's the size coil I used for the petal crescent shapes. 

Trish posted this 21 October 2018

Hi Gail, Nice of you to help me out.  You referred to "rolling your coils."  Wondering what you mean by "coils".  What am I missing.  I have never had any one to actually talk about quilling.  This is really neat.



Trish posted this 21 October 2018

Hi, again Gail,

I think I finally figured out what you meant by "coil".  It must be the tool that has NO name.  I looked and looked to find a name for the cork circle pad but I don't think it has a name, so I will call it  a coil board.  I may not be quick to learn, but I am very determined.

If I am totally wrong about the name, please let me know.  Any pointers you may have to share, will be welcomed.



Gail posted this 21 October 2018

Hi Trish,

I was referring to the paper strip coils made using a slotted or needle tool and allowed to expand when removed from the tool.  Some quillers also roll paper strips using only their fingers.  How much a coil expands is determined by the amount of pressure placed on the strip when rolling it up:  too much pressure and a coil won't open or expand very wide; less pressure and a coil will expand wider.  Uneven rolling pressure will cause a coil's interior to expand uneven, or the coil center to pop up. 

In Alli's book, a coil is referenced as 'circles' on page 22, Basic Quilled Shapes.  Page 10 shows the Circle Template Board (CTB) and a guide that lists the diameter width a coil will expand to when placed inside that circle.  I said that my coils expanded to about 1/2 inch, so that would be #3 circle size for 8 inch long strips.

The book's projects are in an order to increase a person's knowledge and skill set, if you began by making the easy designs, by the time you get to the medium difficulty projects, it should be easier to determine on your own which size circle on the board to use for different lengths of strips.

Is this the first project you're making from the book?

Gail (California)


Quilled Creations posted this 26 October 2018

Hi Trish,

Gail has given you some good info here.  Where you able to figure it out?  If you need further help, don't hesitate to ask. 


Trish posted this 30 October 2018

Gail and others,

Sorry it took me so long to reply.  My first try at the book was  “A Rainbow of Fishes” (hard). My second was “Whimsical Owl” (hard). My third was “Sunburst” (hard),

I never noticed the levels of easy to hard until you mention them. 

I have taught myself using YouTube videos and a lot of flowers  etc.  and  some from Pinterest using my own colors and style but never to show on the internet.

I was unable to enjoy this technique for nearly a year as my time was filled with carrying for a friend. 

I don’t  give up easily, “never give up, never surrender”.  However, having others to convert with makes it a much greater pleasure. 

I will continue with this task, though I may change it a bit.



Gail posted this 31 October 2018

Hi Trish,

You have a good attitude and the fact that you started right in with "hard" designs is admirable.  Many of us are self-taught, way before YouTube came along, it has some good videos, but most can be frustrating when you can't clearly see what the person is doing or they're hands are out of camera range.

I have a gazillion quilling books but Alli's mandala book is the only one that I wanted to do the design projects, I started with the first project and continued up to the Red Rose - I did skip a couple of projects that are mostly tight rolled circles.  The "easy" projects do tell you which number size on the Circle Template Board (CTB) to use for different length strips.  So when you get to the hard projects that don't tell you what number size to use - look back to the easy projects to find one that has that same length strip and if it looks like the size you want, use that reference CTB size.

For the pieces that make up each green leaf in the Red Rose project; the large pieces are made with 16 inch long strips (I'm using Quilled Creations paper strips that are a little more than 17 inches long, so I just use the entire strip) and put those into the CTB size #1, and for the others that are 8 inches long will use CTB #3.

I've also substituted some colors used in the projects with other colors I have on hand and did some other adjustments to the projects.  The only one I've framed was the Whimsical Owl that I gave to my granddaughter, I might do that one again using shades of brown.  The others are stored in a box to be framed later.  Would love to see your owl.

If you need anymore help, just ask.