Sealing or varnishing for added strength.

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Beth posted this 08 September 2017

I'm making snowflake ornaments and I'm looking for a way to strengthen them. I've seen suggestions for jewelry, but the snowflakes are more open. I'd prefer a quick spray over having to 'paint' each piece with glue. Anyone experiment with this before? Thanks in advance.

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Quilled Creations posted this 13 September 2017

I look forward to hearing replies from others, but I would recommend experimenting with some random coils before spraying or coating any finished quilled designs. Paper is very sensitive to different types of liquids so you need to be careful.

Beth posted this 13 September 2017

Thanks for the reply Dave. I've tried a few different things (on individual coils and small finished pieces)and haven't been satisfied with the results. There's so many glues and sprays out there I was curious if anyone else has experimented. Thanks again

Gail posted this 13 September 2017

I inherited a lot of quilled snowflake ornaments made in the 1980's and none of them have any sort of spray or other sealant on them. They were carefully stored and that kept them in perfect condition all these years. Sealing snowflakes is not necessary if you carefully hang and then store them properly.

I tried a spray sealer on snowflakes that I made and it warped the paper.

Beth posted this 13 September 2017

Thanks Gail. I have snowflakes and other quilled ornaments that are holding up just fine after 5 or so yes. It's great to hear that you have some that have held up from the 1980s. I guess I will just tell people to be gentle. Thanks for the response

Jean2 posted this 09 July 2018

this post has helped me with a current project. thanks