12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Roll, pinch and glue strips of paper into 12 beautiful ornaments that celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas! Includes step-by-step instructions with colored photographs that both beginner and experience quillers will love! Quilling paper not included.
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12 Days of Christmas Ornament book is filled with easy-to-follow instructions, colored photographs and delightful designs.  Learn how to roll quilled shapes and master quilling techniques to layer and build amazing ornaments.  From the "first day's partridge in a pear tree" to the "twelfth day's drummer drumming", each design is fun to create.  Everyone will enjoy the with special touches and the game of "secret counts" hidden in certain ornaments.  

This book includes 12 projects, a paper chart, list of recommended tools and over 200 photographs.  So, don't wait to create a truly unforgettable set of quilled ornaments that can be passed down and cherished forever.  

Full color, 47 pages.

Quilling Papers Used:

1/8-inch (3 mm): Red, Orange, Sunset, Pale Peach, Pale Yellow, Yellow, Sage Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Pale Pink, Ivory, Beige, Light Brown, Bright White, Black, Light Grey, Gold Edge on Ivory

1/4-inch (6 mm): Red, Sage Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Pale Pink

3/8-inch (9 mm): Sage Green, Beige, Light Brown, Black

Recommended Quilling Tools and Supplies:  

Slotted Tool, Needle Tool, Fine-tipped Tweezers, Circle Template Board, Pins, Scissors, Border Buddy Tool, Mini Mold Tool, 2.5" Diameter Cookie Cutter, Glue

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