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    Default How long did it take you to get good

    at quilling? I was just looking through the gallery and I am beside myself looking at the talent and the creativity!

    I feel I'm pretty good at the Combing technique, but I want to get way better on the rolling strips!

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    Default getting good?

    As for me, I'm still in the newbie stage. But quilling is easy to learn. I've been attempting more difficult shapes for a couple of months now. The "open" scrolls are the most difficult for me. They just don't want to stay put, or to become the correct size. All of the closed shapes are easy enough to get used to by practicing. And with the precise instructions by the QC kits, it's easy to make a finished quilling model. The other technique I struggle with at first, today, then became more proficient after my 10th one is the miniature technique for shaping large coiled circles into a elongated body, etc. But after several it is getting easier.

    It really is just all practice. But I do like to watch someone "doing" the technique. It makes it easier for me. Alli has a couple of videos that I've watched over and over to make sure I knew how to.

    Don Fisher
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    Wink Been quilling for about a year

    I have been quilling for about a year and I'm pretty good. I make pretty much everything quilled even Hello Kitty.

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    I've been quilling for over 22 years. I certainly do a better job now than in that first year; but I never found the medium to be hard. For me, the trick is having good quality machine-cut paper strips of the "right weight" paper. If you're trying to learn with card stock strips (which is what is supplied in some of the beginner kits in the stores) it will just break your heart trying to get a good curl. However, the Lake City, Paplin, and Quilled Creations papers are all excellent quality and you'll feel like a professional in no time at all.

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