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    Default Dark-light-dark & Cameo colors

    I like your Mixed Color packs and how you have them grouped into color shades, such as the Cool colors of blues, Spring colors with the brighter strips, and different shades of all greens, all pinks, etc.

    What about graduated strips that go from dark-light-dark?

    Also, Jane Jenkins has Cameo paper sheets (see below) that she cuts lengthwise for use with her Fringed Flower Hybrids book. Those I would love to try as precut wide strips or cut them myself.

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    I would love to see some gilt edgeded strips with gold, silver, blue, red and purple.
    I think they would be great for snowflakes giving them that extra spark
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    Default February 2009 giveaway

    I would like to see Peridot. I think the Terra Cotta idea is good too for the flower pots.

  4. Default February 2009 Contest

    I would like to see a graduated paper of Forest Green down to Mint Green. I think that would add some depth and more character to anything in the green color chart.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave
    Hi Everyone,
    We just gave away a box of quilling tools for last months contest!

    This month we are going to be giving away all three of our new quilling kits! We will draw one name for each of the kits, which means we will have 3 winners this month!

    All you have to do for this month is the following:

    Look over our quilling paper color chart and let us know what color/shade you would like to see added to our color selection? You can give us a color name or just do your best to describe it.

    We will randomly draw three winners from all those that appropriately respond.

    Happy Quilling!
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  5. Default February 2009 contest

    Purples purples purples!!!!

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    I would like dark green graduated and dark blue graduated.

  7. Default

    I think a cyan is a nice colour to use,it's nice and bright and would be good for makng waves for a paradise island... and maybe if it was glittery it could be used to make a dolphin in the sun, how cute!

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    I would like to see a rich chocolaty brown. Christmas red, perhaps in two shades, one a very bright red, the other one darker. Also flesh shades would be useful.
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    I would love to see some coppers, pearls, or opalescent varrigated colors would be darling. Also, metallics would be beautiful as well.

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    I would like to see ;
    olive green
    pale green
    bright yellow
    bright blue
    salmon pink.

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