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    Default February 2009 Contest

    Hi Everyone,
    We just gave away a box of quilling tools for last months contest!

    This month we are going to be giving away all three of our new quilling kits! We will draw one name for each of the kits, which means we will have 3 winners this month!

    All you have to do for this month is the following:

    Look over our quilling paper color chart and let us know what color/shade you would like to see added to our color selection? You can give us a color name or just do your best to describe it.

    We will randomly draw three winners from all those that appropriately respond.

    Happy Quilling!
    Quilled Creations

  2. Talking New color

    I love purple. I would like to see a rich deep eggplant purple. It would make beautiful flowers!!

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    A kingfisher blue would be lovely, would be a lovely colour for not just kingfishers either. I love quite bright shades.
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    I would like to see a periwinkle blue or a dark aqua. I love different shades of blue.

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    Default Feb 2009

    yea, back again I would love to see added to the list is my favourite color- olive green

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    I would love to see Kiwi.........

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    I have several colors I would love to see...

    a deep rich Burgandy
    and any Neon or "Hot" colors.... (hot pink, hot green...etc...)

    Adding any metallic colors
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  8. Red face Colors


    Melon would be nice. Sometimes orange is a bit too

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    I would like to see a larger variety of shades for each color. I agree with the posters who wrote in for plum and burgandy. I would also like to see a terricota color for those who like to make the flower pots. There are many people who are into sports so how about a package for the teams of say the NFL or baseball team colors? Just a thought.

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    I love all your colors, but I woul really love to see all of the colors with sparks... as if the colors were combined with glitter... they look beautiful on Snow Flakes, baloons, ice cream cones, Roses, Hearts, Fowers, wings for butterflies with the glitter... that way is less mess using glue and glitter for the projects..

    Have a blessed day!

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