The following email was recently shared by Pat Caputo, current President of the North American Quilling Guild:

As most of you know, quilling is my life. I have been selling my
work since the 1970's and started Whimsiquills officially in 1981.
It has been an exciting journey, joining the English guild, writing
Quill America for American quillers, and then finally the creation
of the North American Quilling Guild. I've had the good fortune to
have some of my work published in books and magazines and currently
have two pieces on tour with Exhibits USA. I've hosted three AGM's
and look upon many of my quilling friends as family. I consider
myself very lucky to work every day at something I truly love.

Unfortunately, the last few years have brought a host of medical
problems to our family. In the last year alone my husband was
hospitalized 6 times and had 4 surgeries. His disabilities have
necessitated my taking on more and more of our family
responsibilities. This coupled with other family issues have finally
worn me down, and my doctors have suggested that if I don't slow
down I am headed for very serious health problems. As a result I
have made the very difficult decision to step down as president of
NAQG, effective immediately. There are no other options; I cannot
give up Whimsiquills as it is our only source of income, giving up
the presidency is the only way I can free up some time to focus on
my health, family, and business. This decision saddens me as I have
really enjoyed watching NAQG grow and being an active participant.

I have discussed this with Donna DelGiudice, our vice-president, and
she has agreed to step up and fill my position, so it will be
business as usual for NAQG. I do want to take this opportunity to
thank all of you who have worked and continue to work to make NAQG a
success. As for me, I will be watching from the sidelines and
getting some much needed rest.

Pat Caputo