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    Default January 2007 Contest

    Hi Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! For this months contest, we want to see what quilling you did for the holidays. You can either post the picture here or provide a link to our Quilling Gallery. Feel free to show more than one item, but it will only count as one entry.

    Post an image of your holiday quilling!

    The winner will be randomly selected and will receive their choice of any one of our kits (excluding Beginner Quilling Kit).

    Lets see all that great holiday quilling!
    Dave and Alli

    ----- We have a winner! -----

    Congratulations to Tinkaroo! You are the winner of our January contest! You can have your choice of quilling kit, just email me and let me know what you want and where to ship it.

    Quilled Creations
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    Default January contest

    I added a pic of a fringed angel that I did for Christmas. I did not know how to post it here so it is in the gallery.

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    This is my Snowflake/dove mobile I made as a Christmas Wedding present. Also in my gallery is my framed sprarkly snowflake. Hopefully this link worked if not they are both in my gallery.

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    I quilled angel ornaments to give to everyone in my office and for friends. Since this was a last minute decision and I was in a rush to get them done in time, I didn't think to take any photos of them.


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    I made snowmen and candy canes and christmas trees and stars, and I even attempted to design my own snowflakes which was a great challenge. I do not know how to post pictures, but I thought I would still share

  6. Default quilled green wing macaw soaring over native palm trees

    Here is one of my lengthier quillworks.

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    This a santa ornament, my first try at a christmas quilling!

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    Default My holiday quilling

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave
    You can either post the picture here or provide a link to our Quilling Gallery. Feel free to show more than one item, but it will only count as one entry.

    Dave and Alli
    Happy new year to everyone. I have already posted some of my things in my gallery such as my flower using the combing method and lots of my christmas cards and calendars.

    I have also just finished a frame for my neighbours grandson which i have put in a shadowbox.I have also made a floral frame in a shadowbox. Hopefully i have attached them successfully for you to see!

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    These holidays I made a butterfly card I made a lot of other cards but this one stood out the most.

    Follow your dreams

    Tahlia's QC (quilling connection)

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    Default snowflake boxes

    I made two snowflake boxes that I gave away as exchange gifts. Luckily I took pictures, because I plan on making myself some just like it, for my own special collection!

    I also made Christmas cards, 13 of which are in my gallery.


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