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    Default keep a gallery of your work

    I also find it very useful to take digital pictures of my finished work to keep a gallery of work. For those of you that want to take "custom orders", it allows your customer to browse your previous works to make decisions. I don't sell my work, so for me its just a nice trip down memory lane to see what I've done (and who I gave it to).

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    Default Tools of the trade

    Wow !! I can't believe all the great tips, made me scratch my head to come up with one !!
    Anyways - a tool for one thing always has other uses !! (Like the butter knife screwdriver!)
    When I am glueing anything, large or small pieces, stems, whatever, and I have glue that oooozes ! which it always does no matter how little I apply, I use a fine embossing tool (but a toothpick would do) and run around the edges of the design to "pick up" the glue. Have a sponge or wet cloth handy to wipe off your "tool" to keep it clean.

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    Default Keep still!

    I find that styrofoam works better than cork board for me. Plus I can get pretty larg pieces for larger projects.

  4. Smile A quick trick

    I am new to quilling. I started to quill some things yesterday. I find it fun to do. One tip is to use tape instead of glue. Since I didn't have glue handy at the time, I used a small piece of tape to hold my circles together. I cut the tape really thin, so that is it about the width of the strip or smaller, and taped the end closed. It works fine for me, as I don't have to wait for the glue to dry or deal with the sticky mess. I also used gluestick to glue my creation on paper, and that worked fine for me, too. Hope these tips help! Happy quilling!

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    Great tips everyone! One tip of mine would be to roll tight coils without using any tool, but by only using your fingers. It is the only way that I know of in which you can produce tight coils which do not have a hole in the centre. Sometimes when I do want a tiny hole in the centre of a tight coil, I use my needle tool, but normally I roll them without a tool. It takes a bit of practice, but the result is worth it, especially when making things like flower centres, berries and eyes. Scratch the end of the quilling strip a bit, wet it slightly on a damp paper towel and roll it with your thumb and index finger, making sure there is no hole in the centre.

  6. Default New to quilling

    I am new to quilling and still learning what works best. I really don't know of any great tips yet. I would have to say that these ladies have definently come up with some great ones.

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    Exclamation We have a winner!

    Congratulations to carlabel in the Philippines!

    You are the winner of our January contest. Your name was randomly chosen out of all those that entered to win a Quilling Kit of your choice, a Circle Template Board and a Quilling Tool Set!

    Get ready for the February contest!

    Quilled Creations

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