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  1. Default Dear Santa Claus,

    I usually fringe my own flowers and do a reasonably good job, but there was a lady with a real fringer at my last quilling class and I fell in love with the perfect job that it did. I can fringe a strip by hand almost as fast but hers looked so perfect. It was the 90 one and she is looking for an angled one.

    Oh how I've hinted but I doubt that my husband would even know where to find one on the Internet. None of the stores near me even carry much in the way of basic quilling supplies. Cash would be lovely for Christmas this year. They say I am a difficult person to buy for since I don't want knick knacks and am an unusual clothes size.

    Santa, since you travel around so much, I'm sure you've stopped and admired a lot of fringing. Which are the best fringers.....the metal ones that cost around a hundred dollars or the cheaper ones that I am seeing pop up that look like they are plastic. Do you get what you pay for in this case?

    If you don't know this answer, perhaps one of your busy elves has an idea.

    Have a great day, give Rudolph and his cohorts a break and stay away from too many cookies.


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    Wink Hoping your wish comes true...

    The manufacturers don't make it easy on us do they. I've never used the fringers or seen a demo, but I don't think I want to...I'll end up wanting one!!! They are quite an investment! Good luck on your Christmas wish!


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    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for my fringer! I'm really going to get a lot of use out of it.

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