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    Default How long have you been quilling?

    Reply to this question, and you can win a free Quilled Creations Quilling Kit!

    How long have you been quilling?

    At the end of this month a random drawing will be done from all the responses and the winner will get a Quilled Creations Quilling Kit of their choice (excluding the Beginner Kit).

    We are looking forward to your responses!

    Happy Quilling!
    Quilled Creations

    We have a winner for September!

    Octobercloud has been randomly selected from all the replies and now can select a free quilling kit!

    Stay tuned for our next contest!
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    Talking I am new to quilling!

    I have only begun quilling today! I have been reading about it for some time, but did not purchase any products until today. I could really use this kit, since I am so new to it. Katie

  3. Default how long have you been quilling

    I've been quilling since June of this year and am enjoying it very much. I am getting together with some friends next week to show them how to do it. Jennifer

  4. Smile How Long Have You Been Quilling?



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    Smile I love quilling!!! :)

    I've been quilling since may for this year.
    I like so much and support me in a difficult moment in my family
    with breast cancer.

    Quilling like and help me a lot


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    Hi there,

    I have been quilling for about a month and I really love it!


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    Default I am new but catching on fast!

    I have been quilling since the begining of August, but learned about the craft sometime last year. I finally purchased some items in August and the creativity flew. I have come up with several ideas and love to see the unique imagination of each quiller. I still am learning new techniques and love every minute! My 4yr. old son has even started trying to do stuff. I have met some wonderful people through the old forum who have helped a lot. Anyone who is new to this site and loves this art form, sign up, it's great!
    Thanks Dave for provinding us this great place to gather and share this great art!

  8. Default How long have you been quilling?

    I have been quilling for about 3 months.

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    Default How long have you been quilling?

    I have been quilling for about 3 months. A friend of mine discovered this art while we were in a craft store, and I've been hooked since! I have learned how to make fringed flowers, although I have not perfected that yet, also roses, which are my favorite. I would love to learn husking, if anyone has any tips, I would appreciate it!

  10. Default Hello

    I have been quilling for 2 months and now my children got interested in the hobby so we were browsing to find out more about it. I'm glad I 've found this forum.

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