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    Question Dove pattern

    Does anyone know where I can find a pattern to make a dove? I am looking for one that is only about 1 inch wide. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Dove pattern

    I do actually have a pattern for a dove and have made it for wedding invitations. I don't know how to describe it on this forum, but I could sure make copies of my patterns and send to you via snail mail if you would want me to. You can e mail me at if you want to discuss it more. My pattern uses small marquise filled into a dove shape and then long scrolls for the tail. They turn out very nicely. I made mine with satin ribbon held in the dove's beak and then down the edges of the invitation.


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    Default Dove pattern

    Just noticed that you mentioned it needed to be only one inch wide. Mine would be a bit larger than that, but you could likley adjust it so that it would work.


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