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12-28-2004, 09:56 AM
Hello everyone, just signed on this morning--it's nice to see so many others interested in quilling. To look at the selection of supplies in local craft stores, you'd think nobody knew about it at all . . .
Anyway, I did some quilling way back when I was in high school (about 30 yrs ago!) and now my own teen-age daughter got me interested again. I still had lots of paper strips from the "old days"--I was surprised that they are still like new! We have added new paper to our old and here is my question (finally!) . . .
How do you store the paper strips so they don't get tangled into a snarled mess? Those clear plastic tubes Michael's sold (with paper in them) seem like a good method, but I didn't want to buy that paper just to get the storage tubes!
Thanks for any help you can offer,

12-31-2004, 12:59 PM
I keep my paper in the original plastic bags they come in. If I have extra I have bought plastic bags at a craft store at the candy dept. and stored in those bags. I use an old Swifter (green box) and store the bags in that.

12-31-2004, 09:11 PM
I turn the majority of colors I own into ornaments, so precut the strips to 3" or 4" lengths, and store in small baggies in a plastic pencil organizer. I leave the 3/8" lengths in the original bags, and store in another plastic box. Yet another box holds my punches. My edging scissors are in a lazy susan caddy---a SAMS club buy.

I use an assembly line approach to quilling, so on long car trips I will curl strips into circles, hearts, V's, and C's and store them by color and type into film cannisters that I keep in....you guessed it...yet another plastic box. When I arrive, I then glue the ends of the circles, and shape into the teardrops or marquise, etc. I may even go ahead to create the flower or bud, and then store again in the film cannisters. That way, when I am ready to make a mat or ornament, I curl my vines and attach the pre-made flowers and buds. In the meantime, it all stores in 4 plastic boxes that take up less room than a suitcase.

Teresa Patcheson
01-01-2005, 07:28 PM
Hello all. I'm new and looking forward to discovering new tips and techniques and sharing inspirations.

For storage, I have two four-drawer plastic storage cabinets beside my bed, which double as a night table. I store my paper strips in their original plastic bags (with their I.D. tags) in one of the drawers, lined up so I can see all the colours. The drawer below holds a cutlery tray for organizing my punches and tools. Other drawers hold sculpting papers, vellum sheets, corkboards, and those compartmentalized plastic boxes that some folks use to sort screws. I put my quilling-in-progress shapes and elements in those.

This way, if I can't sleep at night, I can just wake up and start quilling! (can you tell I like quilling?)

Strips I cut myself are stored in business size mailing envelopes, which have been glued shut but have one end cut open.

Incidentally, I quill in the car, too. I glued a 1" wide strip of wood along one side of my travel quilling board. That provides a tool rest and prevents them rolling off and getting lost behind seats!


01-02-2005, 01:27 PM
Ok, you quilling in the car people are really die hard quillers!!! I have knit in the car, but never quilled. I think that is great though !! Good way to eat up wasted time on long trips. ;)
I keep my strips in a large shirt type box - (they'll be lots around now that Christmas is over )
They may still get a little messy, but at least they are all contained in one area.