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Mini Flower Pot – YouTube Clip

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Easter is coming and what a sweet way to give out candy treats! The pretty colors in this little flower pot makes me think of spring! And oh how I can’t wait…snow is melting here – finally!!

I really love miniature techniques because you can make so many different three-dimensional objects with paper strips. I prefer using 1/4-inch (6 mm) wide paper because it’s more “forgiving” when I shape my pieces.

If you remember, I did a similar project like this last year with pictures, “Easter Basket“, but this time I have a YouTube video! For those of you who don’t like reading instructions (like me!), this video shows the “3x Tucking Rule” that I write in all of my 3D Quilling Kits. I showed this at CHA, so it only has text and music.


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Quilled Spiral Roses…from simple to WOW!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Happy Easter!  He is ALIVE!

Here’s a simple quilled card project I made that is featured in “CardMaker” magazine – March 2010 issue, page 17.  It’s part of their “Quill It Easy” section.

The roses are made from the pinks/ivory/white “Spiral Roses Quilling Kit“. They also come in burgundy/red/purples and orange/peach/yellows.

If you want to learn how to make the spiral roses, then check out my video clip on the Quilled Creations’ website.  They are very easy to roll and create!  I actually prefer making these spiral roses (instead of the folded rose) for my gift cards, wedding frames, gift boxes, etc.

Here are some other ways to use these lovely quilled roses!  The topiary in this picture is about 3-inches high.  BUT…

…check out what one of my customers did…

Wow! Sue Cox emailed me this picture of her topiary she made last summer and it blew me away!  Talk about being inspired!

Here’s how she did it:

“I made this 21-inches tall topiary using approximately 1100 of your “Spiral Roses”.  I spread this project out over several weeks but believe it took around 80 hours to complete.  The top Styrofoam  ball was 3-inch in diameter before decorating and the bottom was 5-inch. I simply bought a bright gold finished plastic pot and placed the topiary inside.  I glued it onto the bottom and then placed large smooth river rocks
to hide the bottom .”

Thanks Sue for your extreme quilled creation!

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Hoppy Easter! – Quilled Card Project

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I’m planning to teach this little Easter bunny for a class.  It’s a simple design, great for beginners.  If you’re interested in seeing more cute quilled animals, then you might like these kits:  Animal Buddies, Jungle Buddies, Forest Buddies.

I always hear comments on how quilling must take so much time. It does. But so does any hobby that you enjoy doing, right!?!  Below I’m sharing my SECRET to quilling EFFICIENTLY!  I’m using this quilled bunny to demonstrate it. Hopefully you’ll find some time-saving tips that will help you quill a little faster.


- 1/8″ (3 mm) wide - Pale Pink and Ivory quilling paper

- Slotted or Needle Tool

- Fine Tip Tweezers

Circle Template Board or Circle Sizer Ruler

- Wiggly Eyes

- Folded Card with envelope (4-inch x 5 1/4-inch)

Other Supplies:

- Glue

- Spring Patterned Paper

- 2-inch Round Scalloped Punch Piece or any shape about 2-inches wide

The best way to describe my method of quilling is the Ford assembly line…grouping similar or repeated steps together!  I’ve broken it down into six color-coded steps:








1.) MEASURE AND TEAR (no need to cut!) all the paper strips to length:

BODY  - 12-inch (30 cm) pale pink strip.

FOOT  -  4-inch (10 cm) pale pink strip.

TAIL  -  4-inch (10 cm) ivory strip.

NOSE –  1-inch (2.5 cm) ivory strip.

HEAD – two  17-inch (43 cm) pale pink strip (see step 2).

EARS – two 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory and two 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink strips (see step 2).

2.) Perform any special TECHNIQUES.  The head and ears use the “End-to-end technique” where two separate strips are glued together to make a longer strip of paper.  Place a small dab of glue at a paper’s end and overlap with the second strip.  Use a straight edge to make sure both strips are straight (see picture below, the yellow thing is a sticky note pad with glue on it).

HEAD – glue two pale pink 17-inch (43 cm) strips (or the full-length) together.

EARS – glue a 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink to a 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory strips together (see picture).

3.) ROLL THE STRIPS AND SIZE the coils in the appropriate hole.

BODY – SIZE 2 hole

FOOT – SIZE 6 hole

TAIL – SIZE 6 hole

EARS – SIZE 5 hole, start rolling from the ivory end!

NOSE – tight circle, no hole size.

HEAD – tight circle, no hole size.

TIP: If the bunny’s HEAD or tight circle looks bumpy, then a simple way to even out the edges is rolling the tool’s handle on top of it.

I call this “rolling out pie crust”! (** this works great for large tight circles like in my previous blog, “Quilled Easter Basket Project”.)

4.) Remove the sized coil from the Circle Template Board (or Circle Sizer Ruler) and GLUE the paper’s end to make a loose circle. SHAPE them by pinching points on the loose circle.

HEAD – Oval

BODY – Half circle (or cup shape)

FOOT – Teardrop

EARS – Marquises

5.) ARRANGE (don’t glue) the quilled pieces on the scalloped punched piece.  The placement of the quilled pieces doesn’t need to be exact.

6.) GLUE DOWN the pieces by picking up each piece with tweezers, dipping it in a glue puddle and placing it on the scalloped punched piece. The picture below shows how I hold my quilled piece with FINE-TIP tweezers.  I can get a good grip on the piece without changing its shape.  (To save time, I usually skip gluing the pieces together.)

TIP:  If you pick up too much glue on your quilled piece, then tap it on the sticky note pad to remove some of the clumps before placing it on your background.

Don’t forget to glue the wiggly eye on the bunny!

To put the card together, adhere the spring colored pattern paper to the front of the white folded card.  Then mount the quilled scalloped piece to the center of the card.

I hope you found some helpful tips and techniques from this project!

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Quilled Easter Basket Project

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Here’s a delightful little basket that you can fill with jelly beans, a Cadbury egg or a yummy marshmallow peep! This is an adorable quilled basket you can give someone anytime of the year!

It uses the braiding technique and a technique called “Miniatures”. The miniatures technique is really fascinating because you to make all different three-dimensional shapes from a large tight coil of paper strips! The project instructions below describe the basics of making miniatures. But if you’re interested in learning more, then these kits include more detailed tips on rolling and shaping: “Miniatures 101“, “Sunflower Treasure Box“, “Chess Pieces” and “Bride & Groom Miniatures“.


- 1/4″ (6 mm) wide – Lighter Shades mixed paper pack

- 1/8″ (3 mm) wide – Mint Green (three strips)  and Pale Pink (three strips)

- Slotted Tool, Curling Coach, Cork

- Circle Template Board (optional)

Other Supplies:  Glue, Pins


1.) For the basket’s handle, use the cork and pin to hold a single strip of Mint Green quilling paper. Then glue two more strips perpendicular to it.

2.) Alternate folding the paper strips 90-degrees down and across, like braiding. Continue folding the strips until the braid is about 4-inches in length.

3.) For the quilled bow, roll two 8-inch (20 cm) strips of paper into teardrop shapes. I used my Circle Template Board (SIZE 3 hole) to help me create uniform coils or teardrops.  Roll a 4-inch (10 cm) strip of paper into a “C” scroll. Glue the pieces together.

4.) For the basket, you’ll need 4 strips of each color in the Lighter Shades mix pack of paper or a total of 24 strips (Quilled Creations papers are about 17″ in length). I found it’s easier to separate 4 of each color first. Then I tear off the padded glue at BOTH ends, leaving a “torn or feathered” end. If you can remember the order of the rainbow colors, then get ready to roll! Otherwise, rearrange ALL the paper strips in the order first: pink, peach, yellow, green, blue, purple…pink, peach, yellow, green, blue, purple…etc.

5.) Next, put the slotted tool inside the Curling Coach and start rolling your first strip of paper. Be sure to roll with even and light finger pressure. TIP: Don’t squeeze the tight coil while rolling or later it will be difficult to shape.

6.) When you get to the end of the strip, tuck in the next strip of paper!  It’s that simple!  Just remember to leave enough of the paper’s end sticking out before tucking in the next strip, otherwise the new strip slips right out. This is especially important as your roll gets bigger!!!

7.) Finally, 24 strips of paper rolled into a nice tight coil.

Glue the end to the coil. Hold the end until it’s dry! To remove the coil from the tool, place and hold  the tight coil faced down on the table and pull the slotted tool straight up.

Note: If you accidentally let go or “pop” your coil when shaping the basket – don’t worry! The strips are all loose and you can re-roll them again! The Curling Coach tool is a lifesaver when it comes to making these large tight coils!!

8.) First, shape the coil into a dome. Then squeeze and roll the coil’s outer rim between your fingers to evenly shift the coils into a bowl. Keep an eye on the coils to make sure they shift evenly.

9.) Flatten the top or bottom by tapping it on a hard table surface. Check to see that it sits flat and the rim is even.

10.) To hold this shape, squeeze a generous amount of glue on the inside (use a glue that dries clear). Then use your finger to gently spread the glue around all of the inside and top edges. Let it dry.

11.) Now you have all of the pieces ready to glue together.

Try a different color combination, maybe all white for little wedding favor baskets or different shades of blues for a nice monochromatic look!

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