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Something simple or something a bit challenging. Well, as my first blog I debated what quilled card to show first. But, this is one of my favorites. It’s definitely a challenge for a new quiller, but I wanted to show that quilled shapes can be more than than your basic teardrops and marquises! I hope you’re inspired!!

I saw this pattern on a canvas bag (actually it’s our laundry tote). Since I empty this about everyday, it finally caught my eye that I could probably quill this pattern! It’s pretty much how I’m inspired when I design my kits and projects. Simple things I see become “I bet I could quill this, but if I only had time!”. I finally made time one evening.

The first bird didn’t come out anything like a bird (more like a bird’s dropping)! I had to keep manipulating the coil with my fingers and tweezers (yes, fine-tip tweezers are a must in quilling) until it came out looking somewhat decent. But after I added a wing with 1/16″ paper…whew, a little bird appeared.  I don’t have instructions for this design, just made it up as I went along.  But I would love to come up with a series of cards using this black/white style – so chic!

I’m looking forward to sharing more projects and inspirational ideas with you.

- Tri-fold Card – Oval Cutout
- Bright White Quilling Paper 1/8-inch
- Needle Tool
- Fine-tip Tweezers
- Scissors
- white glue

Other Supplies:
- Black cardstock

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9 Responses to “Something Inspirational”

  1. Jane says:

    Yea! Welcome to blogging! That card is beautiful. I was just thinking the other day that I should try to quill some of my favorite fabric designs.

  2. Gail Freed says:

    Love the card. Carpet or area rug designs are also a good source of inspiration.

  3. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  4. Sue Gagliardi says:

    Alli, I love your blog! What wonderful designs and thank you for the detailed instructions and color photos for each step. The bird card design is so elegant and the Easter basket and bunny are adorable! I can’t wait to see what’s next! I just received your sunflower treasure box miniature kit and I am so excited to try it! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy Quilling,

  5. Lucía Sinning says:


    I love the card samples as well as the tutorials and I congratulate you on your blog that will follow very closely and would recommend to my students.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Hugs from Spain! ;) )

  6. Philippa says:

    A beautiful project, and an excellent blog! Congratulations.

  7. Sue Gagliardi says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the class results from the conference! How I wish I could have gone! But it’s a nice treat to be able to see and read about some of the classes that were offered. Love the little flower treasure box and other wonderful projects!
    Happy Quilling,

  8. feezo says:

    Hi i’m a new member her i loved ur work very very much and i will start doing quilling designs as i love hand work
    please i have a question where can i get coloured cards from or do i it with coloured papers.
    Thank you very very much

  9. sylvia says:


    I have always seen quilling on greeting cards etc and though it was very difficult and time consuming, till I came across ur blog. I love the simplicity of the language and easy tips and tricks not to mention the ideas u share esp for someone new like me who would run out of imagination very soon. Thanks to you , i have started quilling and my kids aged 5 and 4 enjoy it too.



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