Kaleidoscope Flowers – Quilled Card Project

Our Circle Template Boards are finally back in stock!  So as a celebration, I designed this “Kaleidoscope Flower” card project that shows you why it’s such a useful tool! Here’s an incentive to get one…a 10% off coupon for our tools! Order online and use coupon code: EM5K (expires May 31, 2010, retail orders only).

If you want to stretch your creativity, then see how many things you can make with one of our “Sampler Quilling Paper Packs“. These 8-inch lengths of rainbow goodness can go a long way!  I use them for classes and give them away at trade shows. With just three Sampler packs you can make these kits, “Flower Sampler” or “Quilt Block Sampler“.

- 1/8-inch (3 mm) wide Quilling Paper – Sampler Paper Pack

- Slotted or Needle tool

- Fine Tip Tweezers

- Circle Template Board

- Square Window Tri-Fold Card

Other Supplies:

- Glue

- Green leaf pattern scrapbook paper


1.) To make the kaleidoscope flowers, you’ll need 8-inch lengths of:

- RED SHADES: 3 Crimsons, 3 Reds, 3 Blushes

- YELLOW SHADES: 3 Deep Yellows, 3 Yellows, 3 Pale Yellows

- PINK SHADES: 3 Fuschias, 3 Pinks, 3 Pale Pinks

- PURPLE SHADES: 3 Grapes, 3 Purples, 3 Lilacs

You could use shades of greens or blues too!

TIP: Tear the ends of the paper.  The feather or torn end will leave a more seamless look when you glue the papers together.

2.) Glue the 3 different colored strips together, end to end, by placing a small amount of glue at the end and overlapping the second strip.  Use the board to keep them straight across and press them together. For example: Crimson to Red to Blush.

3.) Roll the paper strip and place them in a Circle Template Board to make them all uniform in size. Glue the paper’s end to the coil. ** Notice I rolled two strips the same way, starting with the darker color…then the last strip the opposite way, starting with the lighter color (or vise versa) **

4.) Pinch your coils into teardrops or marquises (see finished card photo). To make “pretty” teardrops or evenly pinched coils, use the following technique!

LEFT PHOTO: Hold the coil with the paper’s end (arrow) is facing out.

CENTER PHOTO: Pull the center of the coil over to the side so that the coils are evenly spaced.

RIGHT PHOTO: Pinch a point at the paper’s end while the center is held off to the side.

5.) To make the stem, use four 4-inch (10 cm) strips of FOREST GREEN. Fold each strip in half and roll the ends outward.  Place glue near the fold and press together.

6.) Mount the green printed scrapbook paper behind the window card. Place your quilled pieces inside the square cutouts. Here are two variations I came up with.

7.) Glue the pieces down with tweezers.

I could spend an hour fiddling with these pieces!  So many possibilities.

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4 Responses to “Kaleidoscope Flowers – Quilled Card Project”

  1. Christina says:

    I thought you might be interested. I ordered your circle board and I love it.

    I made a post showing your tools here: http://cardcreationsbyc.blogspot.com/2010/06/d.html

    And I tried the off circle technique on these two posts:



    Hope you enjoy!

  2. Teddie Seeley says:


    You are just so talented. I love your kits, and am having fun doing the little girl in the “Miniatures 101″ kit. The only problem that I have discovered so far in the kit was there wasn’t enough pink paper, so I had to use white along with the pink for the dress. If I had done the dress all in pink, there wouldn’t have been enough for the pink flower on top of the treasure box.

    Now I hope I will have enough white for the boy and the basket.

    I bought this kit not only because I like it but I needed the curling coach and ruler in order to do the sunflower kit that I bought. I did that first. I was so happy that it turned out so well. I really like the curling coach.

    Looking forward to buying your book “Paper Quilling for the first time”, when my disability check comes in.

    Keep up the beautiful work, and thank you for inspiring me to try something new, and I love your blog.
    Teddie Seeley

  3. sajidha says:

    i like ur miniature pots.i like to see ur wall freams.i love the way u instruct to do things.

  4. Great tips !!! Thanks for a really good and well written information.

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