Hoppy Easter! – Quilled Card Project

I’m planning to teach this little Easter bunny for a class.  It’s a simple design, great for beginners.  If you’re interested in seeing more cute quilled animals, then you might like these kits:  Animal Buddies, Jungle Buddies, Forest Buddies.

I always hear comments on how quilling must take so much time. It does. But so does any hobby that you enjoy doing, right!?!  Below I’m sharing my SECRET to quilling EFFICIENTLY!  I’m using this quilled bunny to demonstrate it. Hopefully you’ll find some time-saving tips that will help you quill a little faster.


- 1/8″ (3 mm) wide - Pale Pink and Ivory quilling paper

- Slotted or Needle Tool

- Fine Tip Tweezers

Circle Template Board or Circle Sizer Ruler

- Wiggly Eyes

- Folded Card with envelope (4-inch x 5 1/4-inch)

Other Supplies:

- Glue

- Spring Patterned Paper

- 2-inch Round Scalloped Punch Piece or any shape about 2-inches wide

The best way to describe my method of quilling is the Ford assembly line…grouping similar or repeated steps together!  I’ve broken it down into six color-coded steps:








1.) MEASURE AND TEAR (no need to cut!) all the paper strips to length:

BODY  - 12-inch (30 cm) pale pink strip.

FOOT  -  4-inch (10 cm) pale pink strip.

TAIL  -  4-inch (10 cm) ivory strip.

NOSE –  1-inch (2.5 cm) ivory strip.

HEAD – two  17-inch (43 cm) pale pink strip (see step 2).

EARS – two 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory and two 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink strips (see step 2).

2.) Perform any special TECHNIQUES.  The head and ears use the “End-to-end technique” where two separate strips are glued together to make a longer strip of paper.  Place a small dab of glue at a paper’s end and overlap with the second strip.  Use a straight edge to make sure both strips are straight (see picture below, the yellow thing is a sticky note pad with glue on it).

HEAD – glue two pale pink 17-inch (43 cm) strips (or the full-length) together.

EARS – glue a 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink to a 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory strips together (see picture).

3.) ROLL THE STRIPS AND SIZE the coils in the appropriate hole.

BODY – SIZE 2 hole

FOOT – SIZE 6 hole

TAIL – SIZE 6 hole

EARS – SIZE 5 hole, start rolling from the ivory end!

NOSE – tight circle, no hole size.

HEAD – tight circle, no hole size.

TIP: If the bunny’s HEAD or tight circle looks bumpy, then a simple way to even out the edges is rolling the tool’s handle on top of it.

I call this “rolling out pie crust”! (** this works great for large tight circles like in my previous blog, “Quilled Easter Basket Project”.)

4.) Remove the sized coil from the Circle Template Board (or Circle Sizer Ruler) and GLUE the paper’s end to make a loose circle. SHAPE them by pinching points on the loose circle.

HEAD – Oval

BODY – Half circle (or cup shape)

FOOT – Teardrop

EARS – Marquises

5.) ARRANGE (don’t glue) the quilled pieces on the scalloped punched piece.  The placement of the quilled pieces doesn’t need to be exact.

6.) GLUE DOWN the pieces by picking up each piece with tweezers, dipping it in a glue puddle and placing it on the scalloped punched piece. The picture below shows how I hold my quilled piece with FINE-TIP tweezers.  I can get a good grip on the piece without changing its shape.  (To save time, I usually skip gluing the pieces together.)

TIP:  If you pick up too much glue on your quilled piece, then tap it on the sticky note pad to remove some of the clumps before placing it on your background.

Don’t forget to glue the wiggly eye on the bunny!

To put the card together, adhere the spring colored pattern paper to the front of the white folded card.  Then mount the quilled scalloped piece to the center of the card.

I hope you found some helpful tips and techniques from this project!

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9 Responses to “Hoppy Easter! – Quilled Card Project”

  1. andrea says:

    i love it!

  2. Jane says:

    Great tips! I have gotten so much faster with experience too.

    Just did my first quilling project with the craft club yesterday. They are so enchanted! Even the boys are having fun making flowers. I am sure it’s because of the “tool.”

  3. Dr Sonia S V says:

    What a wonderful Bunny. Thanks for the tips.
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. Rombo Super!!! I am back in time to my school days when we did lot of art and craft work. And this one really sounds exciting! Kudos on the superb work!

  5. Oh my gosh, they’re lovely!!! I haven’t seen paper quilling for years, it is such sadly forgotten art. We had to learn how to do it at school and it was my favourite craft, there is something I find so incredibly beautiful about quilling and your hearts are so sweet and gorgeous,

  6. It is very beautiful work.vry neat n clean.i love to see new creative ideas.i make cash covers n invitation cards n do wall paintings on occasions.u can check them on my blog.. n plz reply me hw r they.i will love to knw ur opinion.

  7. nice!!! says:

    This is very nice I made some in the grass and put some easter eggs around it and it’s sooooo cute! I’ve been looking for a good easter bunny and this one is the best that I could find. thanks!

  8. Hailey says:

    I just LOVE the bunny!!!!!!!!!!!! verry helpful and not to hard for a 10 year old!!!!! :)

    Happy Quilling!

  9. khushbu says:

    i love that bunny

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