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My Heart to Yours – Mother’s Day Quilled Necklace

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Tomorrow I’m going into my daughter’s fourth grade class to teach them how to quill!  I can’t wait!  We timed it perfectly so that the kids can make a pretty pendant for their mom as a Mother’s Day gift!  It’s quick and easy!

They can even pick out their own background!

I used a 1-inch punch (by Fiskars) and my left over scrapbook paper to punch different circles. This is a great way to use up those small scrap pieces!

Here’s how to make it the QUILLED HEART NECKLACE:

1. ) To make the heart, roll two 8-inch (20 cm) strips of RED quilling paper (1/8-inch wide) into teardrops and glue them together.

2.) Glue the circle piece into the pendant (most craft glues will work!).  You can find the pendant on our website, “Round Necklace Pendant“.  They’re super light and the perfect depth for quilling!

3.) Glue the heart inside the pendant.

I’m still debating whether I’ll put the Crystal Coat Glaze on top of their hearts.  I know it’ll look fabulous with the shiny covering, but there won’t be enough class time to let them dry. :(

But…we’ll frame the necklace inside a tri-fold card with a circle cutout. Then they can decorate and write a special message inside!  Too cute!  I can see this being a nice Valentine’s Day gift too!

Wishing all the moms out there a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, February 7th, 2011

Dave and I had the best time exhibiting at the Craft and Hobby Association tradeshow! We met so many wonderful store owners, professional crafters, teachers, buyers, etc…at the show in L.A. We miss the weather too!!

BUT after six long months of working on new quilling kits and tools, I finally released them at the tradeshow! I’m so excited that I can share them with you! I’ll posting them throughout this week!

This year the Quilled Creations’ booth was the biggest it has EVER been (10′ x 40′). It’s a overwhelming task to get set-up. Like the “circus” curtains?  I’m glad our booth cover them up!



We had new quilling videos playing throughout the show.  They will be up on YouTube very soon for you to enjoy! I have to admit, it’s awkward watching myself demo, but I have so many techniques that I really want to share with you.  So you might only see my hands :)

We also had a Make & Take table.  I think we had 150 people try our Make & Take!  The response was amazing…


Arctic Buddies

Of course after all of the other “Buddies” kit, this one was just waiting to happen! I love the penguin (even though he’s from other other side of the arctic)! It includes quilling paper, wiggle eyes and instructions ($9.95).

Elegant Floral Cards

I love how the tri-fold cards frame these quilled designs!  Each flower uses a unique technique that you might not have tried before. Hey, it’s always great to learn something new! I even included colored photographs in this kit!  Includes quilling paper, 6 tri-fold oval blank cards, 6 envelopes and instructions ($12.95).

More posts to come this week…three more NEW kits…and one was awarded “TOP 20 Innovative Product of CHA”!!!

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Winter is here!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I know I need to blog more often, but I have a good reason why I’ve been away.

This is the reason…a little puppy that keeps me quite busy at home!

Because she has an obsession with paper, I’ve had to reorganize my entire quilling studio/office. No paper on the floor, which is a good thing and I have to admit that my office is looking very clean! By the way, puppy training is going well!

Here’s a project to celebrate the heavy snow falling outside my window!  It’s our first big snow fall here in NY!

This project was for CardMaker Magazine Online (November 2010 – Web Bonus project).

I’ve included just the quilling instructions. Enjoy!


- 1/8″ wide quilling paper: light blue, lilac, grape, light brown, bright white


1.) To make the quilled hat, use 12-inch grape and roll into a triangle (SIZE 2). Roll three 4-inch light blue strips into loose circles (SIZE 6) and glue a 1-inch grape around each loose circle. Pinch into squares. For the tassels, fold a 1-inch lilac strip in half; cut a slit in strip lengthwise down middle and form each cut end into a scroll. Assemble and glue on to the card front.

2.) To make the mitten, roll a 6-inch grape strip into a rectangle. Roll an 8-inch light blue strip into a half circle (SIZE 3). Roll a 2-inch strip into a teardrop. Assemble and glue on to the card front.

3.) To make the hot cocoa mug, roll a 16-inch lilac strip into a rectangle (SIZE 1). Curve the top edge inward. For the top of the mug, roll a 4-inch light brown strip into a marquise (SIZE 6).  Glue and wrap a 2-inch lilac strip around the marquise. For the mug handle, roll a 2-inch lilacstrip into an “S” scroll. For steam, roll two 2-inch bright white strips into “S” scrolls. Assemble and glue the mug pieces to the card front.  For the marshmallows, cut two small pieces from the bright white strip and glue on top of mug.


Pictures of the paper pieces – very basic!

Stay warm!  Have a safe winter & holiday season!

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Easy Quilled Bows!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Need a quick “something” to spruce-up a birthday present? Have lot of scrap quilling paper?

Here’s a great way to make a fun, color-coordinated bow in a minute!


1.) Take a 4-5 strips of 1/4″ (6 mm) wide quilling paper. Pick colors that match the wrapping paper.

2.) Fold them in half and staple.

3.) Curl the ends!

4.) Unroll some of the coils.

5.) Attach it to your present! So quick and easy!

The cute little elephant is from the “Jungle Buddies” quilling kit!

Check out the other animal buddies on our website!

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Not your typical tie for Dad!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Are you getting a head start on Father’s day gifts?  Here’s a fast and simple project you can make with the kids.  It’s a “Father’s Day Quilled Tie Sticky Note Pad Holder” (that’s a mouthful!). Dad will love this decorative and functional gift!

Last year I taught this project to a group of second graders. They loved it and dads gave it rave reviews!  At least it’s a different twist on the usual tie-giving occasion!

- 1/4-inch (6 mm) wide – Light blue quilling paper

- Slotted tool

- craft glue

Other Supplies:

- Printed scrapbook card stock: stripe pattern

- Card stock: blue and white

- 3-inch x 3-inch Sticky Note Pad

- Scissors

- Black pen

- Adhesive tabs


1.) Cut out a 7-inch x 3.5-inch (17.5 cm x 8.7 cm) rectangle from printed card stock.  Center two score lines at 3 1/4-inch and 3 3/4-inch to create the fold lines.

2. ) Cut out a 3-inch x 3 inch (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)  square from blue card stock. Mount the blue square to the folded striped printed card stock with adhesive tabs.

3.) Trace or print out the shirt pattern.  Fold down the collar. Mount the shirt on the blue card stock.

4.) To make the quilled tie, roll a LIGHT BLUE 16-inch (40 cm) strip of paper into a loose circle and pinch it into a marquise.  To make the knot, roll a LIGHT BLUE 4-inch (10 cm) strip of paper into a loose circle and pinch it into a triangle. Glue the pieces to the shirt.

5.) With the black pen, write “#1 Dad”, “Happy Father’s Day!” or your own fun sentiment.

These decorative sticky notepads make great teacher gifts too!!

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Kaleidoscope Flowers – Quilled Card Project

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Our Circle Template Boards are finally back in stock!  So as a celebration, I designed this “Kaleidoscope Flower” card project that shows you why it’s such a useful tool! Here’s an incentive to get one…a 10% off coupon for our tools! Order online and use coupon code: EM5K (expires May 31, 2010, retail orders only).

If you want to stretch your creativity, then see how many things you can make with one of our “Sampler Quilling Paper Packs“. These 8-inch lengths of rainbow goodness can go a long way!  I use them for classes and give them away at trade shows. With just three Sampler packs you can make these kits, “Flower Sampler” or “Quilt Block Sampler“.

- 1/8-inch (3 mm) wide Quilling Paper – Sampler Paper Pack

- Slotted or Needle tool

- Fine Tip Tweezers

- Circle Template Board

- Square Window Tri-Fold Card

Other Supplies:

- Glue

- Green leaf pattern scrapbook paper


1.) To make the kaleidoscope flowers, you’ll need 8-inch lengths of:

- RED SHADES: 3 Crimsons, 3 Reds, 3 Blushes

- YELLOW SHADES: 3 Deep Yellows, 3 Yellows, 3 Pale Yellows

- PINK SHADES: 3 Fuschias, 3 Pinks, 3 Pale Pinks

- PURPLE SHADES: 3 Grapes, 3 Purples, 3 Lilacs

You could use shades of greens or blues too!

TIP: Tear the ends of the paper.  The feather or torn end will leave a more seamless look when you glue the papers together.

2.) Glue the 3 different colored strips together, end to end, by placing a small amount of glue at the end and overlapping the second strip.  Use the board to keep them straight across and press them together. For example: Crimson to Red to Blush.

3.) Roll the paper strip and place them in a Circle Template Board to make them all uniform in size. Glue the paper’s end to the coil. ** Notice I rolled two strips the same way, starting with the darker color…then the last strip the opposite way, starting with the lighter color (or vise versa) **

4.) Pinch your coils into teardrops or marquises (see finished card photo). To make “pretty” teardrops or evenly pinched coils, use the following technique!

LEFT PHOTO: Hold the coil with the paper’s end (arrow) is facing out.

CENTER PHOTO: Pull the center of the coil over to the side so that the coils are evenly spaced.

RIGHT PHOTO: Pinch a point at the paper’s end while the center is held off to the side.

5.) To make the stem, use four 4-inch (10 cm) strips of FOREST GREEN. Fold each strip in half and roll the ends outward.  Place glue near the fold and press together.

6.) Mount the green printed scrapbook paper behind the window card. Place your quilled pieces inside the square cutouts. Here are two variations I came up with.

7.) Glue the pieces down with tweezers.

I could spend an hour fiddling with these pieces!  So many possibilities.

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Spiral Rose Quiling Kit – Giveaway & Winner!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

With summer almost here, it suddenly hit me that I have to start thinking about teacher gifts/thank you cards, bridal and wedding cards.  This can be a really busy time of the year!

So, here’s my secret to making cards within minutes:  Spiral Roses!

I made a video clip on how to make them on the Quilled Creations’ website.

Win a “Spiral Rose Quilling kit” by leaving a comment!

Winner can pick a kit color of their choice: Pinks/Ivory/White,  Burgundy/Red/Purples, OR Orange/Peach/Yellows

I’ll randomly pick a winner in a week!

WINNER IS…(picked by random generator at
who left the comment:

Barbara says:
May 21, 2010 at 12:52 am
I’ve loved quilling since I was young and did some in school!! Now I do all sorts of things using them!! LOVE IT!!

Congrats! Email me at and we’ll hook you up with a Spiral Rose Quilling Kit!

Thanks for all of the great comments!

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Eat Your Veggies, please!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I hope you had a nice mother’s day.  My mom is an amazing cook!  She definitely shows her love through her incredible homecooking.

For me, as a mom of two young children, I think my kids will only remember me saying “Please, eat your veggies!!!!” at every meal.

This adorable veggie-printed papers came from Cookbookin’.  I met the owners of Cookbookin’, Patricia Fletcher and Keri McCafferty, earlier this year at the Craft & Hobby Association tradeshow.  We were all excited about how their papers could compliment some of my quilled designs!  They even have recipe cards, stickers and stamps to match!

I’m hoping to play around with more of their fun designs.


- Square Window Tri-Fold Card

- Slotted Tool or Needle Tool

- Fine-Tip Tweezers

1/8-inch (3mm) Quilling Paper: purple, brown, orange, leaf green, moss green, red

- Circle Sizer (on cork or foam board)

- Scissors

Other Supplies:

- Cookbookin’ Scrapbook Paper: “Eat Your Veggies”

- Adhesive tabs or double stick tape

- Pins

- craft glue


1.) On the backside of the veggie-printed paper, trace the square window cutouts from the tri-fold card.

2.) Use a ruler and exacto knife to cut out the squares.

3.) Attach the printed paper to the front of the tri-fold card with double-stick tape or adhesive tabs. Don’t use glue or it will wrinkle the paper.


The eggplant is made using the Off-Centered Circle Technique (or eccentric circles).  First, mount your Circle Sizer Ruler onto your cork or foam board with two pins as shown:

Roll a 16-inch (40 cm) strip of purple into a SIZE 1 hole on the Circle Sizer. Remove the coil, glue the paper’s end to the coil and place it back into the Circle Sizer.  Put the pin in the coil’s center, pull it off to the side and push the pin into the cork to hold it in place (left photo).  You can use tweezers to fix your coils so that they’re evenly spaced (center photo).  Spread glue near the pin where all of the edges are pressed together (right photo).  Let it dry.

For the leaves, fold a 2-inch (5 cm) strip in half.  At the fold, trim a leaf shape.  Separate or fan out the two leaves.

To make the eggplant, shape the off-centered circle into an oval.  Glue the leaves on top.  Roll a 2-inch (5 cm) strip of brown into a tight circle and glue on top.

The tomato is made like the eggplant.  Just use a 16-inch (40 cm) strip of red, add more leaves and a 2-inch brown stem.


The pea is made by rolling two 6-inch (12.5 cm) strips of moss green into loose circles (SIZE 5 hole).  For the pod, fold a 4-inch (10 cm) strip of paper in half, then fold it in half again.

Glue the two peas together.  Shape and glue the pod around the peas.


Roll a 12-inch (30 cm) strip of orange into a loose circle (SIZE 2 hole).  For the leaves, roll two 2-inch (5 cm) strips into “V” scrolls.

Pinch the orange coil into a long triangle.  Glue one “V” scrolls inside the other and glue on top of the carrot.

Glue the veggies to your card!

Get your 5 servings a day! I guess I need one more…

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Quilled Spiral Roses…from simple to WOW!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Happy Easter!  He is ALIVE!

Here’s a simple quilled card project I made that is featured in “CardMaker” magazine – March 2010 issue, page 17.  It’s part of their “Quill It Easy” section.

The roses are made from the pinks/ivory/white “Spiral Roses Quilling Kit“. They also come in burgundy/red/purples and orange/peach/yellows.

If you want to learn how to make the spiral roses, then check out my video clip on the Quilled Creations’ website.  They are very easy to roll and create!  I actually prefer making these spiral roses (instead of the folded rose) for my gift cards, wedding frames, gift boxes, etc.

Here are some other ways to use these lovely quilled roses!  The topiary in this picture is about 3-inches high.  BUT…

…check out what one of my customers did…

Wow! Sue Cox emailed me this picture of her topiary she made last summer and it blew me away!  Talk about being inspired!

Here’s how she did it:

“I made this 21-inches tall topiary using approximately 1100 of your “Spiral Roses”.  I spread this project out over several weeks but believe it took around 80 hours to complete.  The top Styrofoam  ball was 3-inch in diameter before decorating and the bottom was 5-inch. I simply bought a bright gold finished plastic pot and placed the topiary inside.  I glued it onto the bottom and then placed large smooth river rocks
to hide the bottom .”

Thanks Sue for your extreme quilled creation!

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Hoppy Easter! – Quilled Card Project

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I’m planning to teach this little Easter bunny for a class.  It’s a simple design, great for beginners.  If you’re interested in seeing more cute quilled animals, then you might like these kits:  Animal Buddies, Jungle Buddies, Forest Buddies.

I always hear comments on how quilling must take so much time. It does. But so does any hobby that you enjoy doing, right!?!  Below I’m sharing my SECRET to quilling EFFICIENTLY!  I’m using this quilled bunny to demonstrate it. Hopefully you’ll find some time-saving tips that will help you quill a little faster.


- 1/8″ (3 mm) wide - Pale Pink and Ivory quilling paper

- Slotted or Needle Tool

- Fine Tip Tweezers

Circle Template Board or Circle Sizer Ruler

- Wiggly Eyes

- Folded Card with envelope (4-inch x 5 1/4-inch)

Other Supplies:

- Glue

- Spring Patterned Paper

- 2-inch Round Scalloped Punch Piece or any shape about 2-inches wide

The best way to describe my method of quilling is the Ford assembly line…grouping similar or repeated steps together!  I’ve broken it down into six color-coded steps:








1.) MEASURE AND TEAR (no need to cut!) all the paper strips to length:

BODY  - 12-inch (30 cm) pale pink strip.

FOOT  -  4-inch (10 cm) pale pink strip.

TAIL  -  4-inch (10 cm) ivory strip.

NOSE –  1-inch (2.5 cm) ivory strip.

HEAD – two  17-inch (43 cm) pale pink strip (see step 2).

EARS – two 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory and two 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink strips (see step 2).

2.) Perform any special TECHNIQUES.  The head and ears use the “End-to-end technique” where two separate strips are glued together to make a longer strip of paper.  Place a small dab of glue at a paper’s end and overlap with the second strip.  Use a straight edge to make sure both strips are straight (see picture below, the yellow thing is a sticky note pad with glue on it).

HEAD – glue two pale pink 17-inch (43 cm) strips (or the full-length) together.

EARS – glue a 3-inch (7.5 cm) pale pink to a 3-inch (7.5 cm) ivory strips together (see picture).

3.) ROLL THE STRIPS AND SIZE the coils in the appropriate hole.

BODY – SIZE 2 hole

FOOT – SIZE 6 hole

TAIL – SIZE 6 hole

EARS – SIZE 5 hole, start rolling from the ivory end!

NOSE – tight circle, no hole size.

HEAD – tight circle, no hole size.

TIP: If the bunny’s HEAD or tight circle looks bumpy, then a simple way to even out the edges is rolling the tool’s handle on top of it.

I call this “rolling out pie crust”! (** this works great for large tight circles like in my previous blog, “Quilled Easter Basket Project”.)

4.) Remove the sized coil from the Circle Template Board (or Circle Sizer Ruler) and GLUE the paper’s end to make a loose circle. SHAPE them by pinching points on the loose circle.

HEAD – Oval

BODY – Half circle (or cup shape)

FOOT – Teardrop

EARS – Marquises

5.) ARRANGE (don’t glue) the quilled pieces on the scalloped punched piece.  The placement of the quilled pieces doesn’t need to be exact.

6.) GLUE DOWN the pieces by picking up each piece with tweezers, dipping it in a glue puddle and placing it on the scalloped punched piece. The picture below shows how I hold my quilled piece with FINE-TIP tweezers.  I can get a good grip on the piece without changing its shape.  (To save time, I usually skip gluing the pieces together.)

TIP:  If you pick up too much glue on your quilled piece, then tap it on the sticky note pad to remove some of the clumps before placing it on your background.

Don’t forget to glue the wiggly eye on the bunny!

To put the card together, adhere the spring colored pattern paper to the front of the white folded card.  Then mount the quilled scalloped piece to the center of the card.

I hope you found some helpful tips and techniques from this project!

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